Monday, May 11, 2009


My name is Katie, and I am the wife of a firefighter/paramedic.


A month after I turned 22, I married the man I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Our situation wasn't exactly ideal. My firefighter, at that time, worked in the mall and I had no job. I was finishing up college, and much to the concern of my friends and family, agreed to marry this guy who had very little education beyond high school. We were quite young and they did not want me to throw my life away on a man who couldn't support a family and didn't have a career goal. My poor mother! One thing was sure - my firefighter was intelligent, kind, funny, and the perfect complement to my personality. (The friends and family quickly realized this, too.) I believed the rest would come in time and we would find a way to make it work. Ahh - the optimism of youth!

A year into our marriage, my firefighter, then working as a truck driver, realized what he wanted to do with his life. Emergency medicine had always interested him. He had taken an EMT course right after high school and looking back on it, he realized he wanted to be a paramedic. Specifically, a medic on a fire department.


We talked about it, and thought for sure that everything would fall into place within 2 - 5 years. However, the path was much more time consuming than we ever imagined it would be. It took my firefighter nearly 9 years to be able to go to paramedic school and get his first full-time job on a fire department. In the mean time, we worked odd jobs, and struggled to make ends meet so we could start a family. Those were difficult, long years. But those years were also filled with wonderful friends, and all the hard times brought us closer together as a couple.


In February of 2009, we were enjoying a day searching the tide pools for baby octopus.



While we were there, my firefighter got a phone call and he was offered his first 'real' job on a department (one that could actually support the family and give us room to grow) in Northern California.



We uprooted our lives and moved our family of 4 and 3/4ths from the small two bedroom apartment we had lived in for 9 years near Los Angeles,


to our first full-sized rental.


It feels like we are finally at the beginning of the rest of our life. This blog chronicles my attempts to establish a home, enjoy my loved ones, and get acquainted with this job that is like having a new member in the family.


Chocolate and Whine said...

This is fantastic! Congratulations on working through it all and getting to see your dreams come true.

Katie said...

Thanks! It's been a long journey, but totally worth it.

Deborah said...

Congratulations! My Hubbys Uncle is a retired firefighter from Sacramento.
We love to hear all of his amazing stories.

Marla Vendret said...

As a friend of ours once told us, "it doesn't happen overnight." It took us 15 years before we bought our first home.

And as another friend once told me, whenever we lament how long it will take us to do this or that, "the years pass anyway."

Good luck.

The Sierra Home Companion said...

Hi Katie,
Wow I feel like I was reading my life story.:) My husband is a paramedic/fireman in Northern California (Arnold, CA), and I'm a mom to two. I became a follower, so I'm looking forward to continuing reading about your life.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Nice to meet you all! :D

Kat @ said...

THis post COULD. NOT. BE. CUTER. And you're SOOO adorable, it's not even funny!

Too Much To Do So Little Time said...

HOW CUTE is your family and what an awesome photos of the octopus! Did you find them often?

theresa said...

Beautiful!! Great post! Amazing journey!

Anonymous said...

I am so so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I am engaged to a soon to be fire fighter. We are currently in week 3 of fire academy. I am terrified of such a dangerous job but I am so excited for him to be doing something he loves and such an honorable job! I have been reading your posts and when Tyer called I couldnt wait to read some to him. I look forward to reading more from you! Oh, and what caught my attention when I saw your blog was that my name is Katie too:-)

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