Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A training exercise

The guys at the station do a lot of training in their free time. My firefighter is in the academy right now for his new department and comes home with all sorts of bumps and bruises from their activities. The worst person to be in a simulated rescue is the victim. Firefighters train to get the victim out quickly and alive - not necessarily gently. Here is an example of a training exercise from his old department, as documented by my firefighter:

I'm playing engineer. Greg and I did this training the day before.

Tom grabbing the rotary saw.

Greg enjoying the show.

Aaron getting ready to be our downed firefighter.

Andy and Tom getting ready to advance the line to the far side of the building.

Aaron overseeing their progress.

Tom had to crawl with the rotary saw to the nozzle.

Andy flowing some water.

We now have a simulated firefighter down.

Andy and Tom have to work together to crawl out with the downed firefighter.

It's tougher than it looks.

Once out of the building we simulated a full arrest. Since Tom is a paramedic student this was fun for me to watch.

"Um...I think I'm supposed to do this....I think."

"Ah well. He's gone. Let's go get lunch."

Actually Tom and Andy did a great job on this drill. They had to grab a multitude of tools, swing the axe 50 times, crawl a bunch, go through two air bottles and were still able to perform a decent full arrest scenario. In my experience the hardest time to do medical assessments is when you just did a ton of physical exertion and you're tired. You have to be able to run on autopilot at that point.
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