Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vintage inheritance

I love these little child-sized aprons that were given to my daughter by her grandma. They came from the house of my firefighter's grandma.


I love that the stitching is imperfect. You can tell these were home made.


I'm debating between keeping them safe and clean, or letting my daughter actually use them (and potentially destroy them).


They're so cool, I'd hate to see them get stained or torn. However, if her great-grandma were still around, I have a feeling she'd want them to be used and enjoyed.



mom said...

I love the midcentury graphics on the purple one -- definitely a keeper whether stained or not!

Jules said...

Those are lovely. Maybe let her play with the darker colored ones, they might wear better.

Hydrant girl said...

They've lasted this long, I say let her use one and make memories with it! I sure do remember using mine when I was little.

I had actually forgotten about them until this post. I wonder whatever happened to them??

Melissa said...

Beautiful aprons. Maybe save one and let her use the others?

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