Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Firsts and randomness

There have been a lot of firsts going on around here. The baby finally learned to stand without holding on to something a week or so ago—one of those milestones that means very little to anyone besides his mom and dad. But we think it's cool!


His first steps won't be too far behind. He's also about to pop out his first tooth. There's a little line of white on his lower gum. First tooth at around the same time as first steps, just like his older siblings. The other babies his age may be able to best him in a toothy biting match, but at least he'll be able to out-run them. I'm certain that 10-month-olds think about these things.

And just this morning, I think I won the first word contest—what do you think? He's been making mmm sounds at me all week. This will be my first win. The other two clearly said Dada before they said Mama.


In other firsts, my 3 year old drew his first ever self-portrait.


I'm fascinated by the beginnings of learning to draw—that moment when a child first connects the lines to make a circle and realizes that he can make it mean something.

Speaking of my middle child, this is his version of clean-up time:


I now have socks scattered all over the upstairs. He had so much fun doing it, I couldn't tell him no.


I've become fascinated by the idea of doing a regular dollar store challenge feature on my blog. I want to limit myself to twenty items, $20 (plus tax), and see what fanciful Valentine's Day decorating possibility I can come up with using only dollar store items. Anybody up for the challenge? Yes? No? Maybe? It may be just me, but if you do become as enamored with the idea as I am, please send me pictures of your space and I'd love to post them here.


Look at this lovely (dead) creature I found in the garden. I saved him so that my daughter could inspect him under her microscope.


I didn't know where to put him, so for now he's hanging out in a cup in one of my kitchen cabinets. I leave him there as a reminder to all of his live buggy friends that death awaits them if they even so much as THINK about entering my house. So far, it's worked pretty well. I haven't seen a creepy crawly thing in here in quite a while.


And finally, I was given a blog award from one of my bloggy friends, Clare and Gary!


That's a first for me, too. Lots of firsts in this post. Thanks, Clare! You should all go to her site and read her seven things about herself—she has a great "how I met my husband" story. So, here's how it works. I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me, and then nominate 7 other blogs that I love.

Seven Things...

1. I've never been snow skiing.

2. My ring tone is the theme song for "Days of our Lives."

3. I've never had a cold headache from drinking a Slurpee too fast, and neither has my husband. It's how we knew we were meant to be together forever.

4. I love being by myself with no obligations on a rainy day.

5. I had a terrible mommy moment when I first got my double stroller. I hadn't used it until my daughter started school, so I wasn't used to the way it works. I loaded the two boys in, rolled out the front door, and got to the top of the driveway when I realized I had forgotten to lock the door. I put on the break on the stroller and turned to lock the door. While fidgeting with the lock, I was startled by the sound of the baby's bottle falling out of the stroller onto the street. Apparently, I hadn't pushed the break down far enough, and the stroller had careened down the driveway and out into the street. The bumpy ride made the bottle fall out. Thankfully, the kids were fine. There were no cars going past. I ran to get them and sheepishly said something awkward to my neighbor across the street, who witness my bad mommy moment. I've been hyper-vigilant about the breaks on that stroller ever since.

6. I don't mind doing the laundry; it's the dishes I loathe.

7. If I had to pick my favorite beverage on the planet, it would be orange juice. I salivate when I pass it at the grocery store.

Ok. Now for the hard part—I have to pick ONLY seven of my bloggy friends to pass the award on to. (Which reminds me, my blog link list is in dire need of updating.)

Here are a few of my favorite bloggers:

1. To start the list, a recent find: Pretty Shiny Sparkly. It's pretty, shiny, AND sparkly.

2. Hydrant Girl--you go, girl! I laugh when I read your blog and am inspired to get up and do something useful with my time.

3. Wife.Mom.Nurse. There's some real tear-jerkers there. And beautiful moments, too.

4. And let's not forget Wife.Mom.Nurse's firefighter hubby— Switch 2 Plan B. Because all former English teachers become firefighters, right? Don't those two professions just go together? Ok, maybe not. But it makes for a well-written firefighter blog!

5. Mrs. Lukie at Sarah Says... Sarah says lots of fun and interesting things!

6. A Firefighter's Wife. She's got loads of experience with six children, loves her family, and loves Christ. And I love reading her blog.

7. Last but not least, there's this guy who I really like who has this blog called Firefighter Paramedic Stories. He tells it like it is. Some stories are odd, some are sad, some are the brunt of a joke, and some have no real ending at all since he doesn't always get to see how the story ends.


Okay, I think that's about all the randomness I've got in me for one day! I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday.


Firefighter/Paramedic said...

The kid may have said "mama" but he didn't know what he was saying so it doesn't count. I didn't count it with #1 or #2 until they knew I was Dada!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Thanks for the award :)

And, uh...the kid DID say 'mama.' Wifey is winning this one 2-1 so far, Firefighter!


melaniek said...

I heard Mama!!! that makes it 3-1. I think the dollar store idea is awesome, wouldn't mind getting in on that.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'm honored, thanks Katie!

I love ladder truck stacking the laundry!!!!!!

As far as 10 month olds, this is one of my favorite stages of babyhood!

Hydrant girl said...

Awww thanks for the vote!! I'm so glad you like my ramblings!!!

christy rose said...

I think that was "momma" for sure! :)

I don't mind doing laundry either. And I hate doing dishes too. I have my older girls do those. See what you have to look forward to. :)

Congrats on the award!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

Thanks so much for the award! I feel so honored. :)

wife.mom.nurse said...

Look at that big boy :) and love those first self portraits...so cute.

Oh, how I cherished those days with tiny kids. sweet.

That stroller incident must have been SCARY! glad they were ok. I am sure you are forever scarred. oh my. but things like can happen to anyone. I am sure if I thought hard enough I could out do that one!

Thanks for the sweet words and for the award :)


Firefighter/Paramedic said...

I agree, the kid said mama. But he doesn't know what it means. He's just mimicking Katie. It's just random sounds to him. It doesn't count as his first word until he knows who dada is. ;)

And I won the other two kids hands down.

Fire Wife Katie said...

(Says the man who can't get the baby to "mimic" him saying dada...) ;)

Clare and Gary said...

LOL.. had to smile at the 'bad-mommy' story...we've all been there... mine was a bad driver... didn't put hand brake on and came back to find car was two rows over in the car park... at least I didn't get to see it moving... how embarrassing!

PS love the 1st pic

Anonymous said...

Four kids and eight grandkids past that first love stage, I still love and appreciate my husband greatly ... and still remember my first "bad mom" moment! She was tiny ... less than 6 weeks old and a little over 6 pounds ... and we lived in a tiny apartment next door to a bakery. Big high-off-ground front porch, new stroller. Hmmm. I carefully secured the safety strap ... back then just a single strap so I almost did not secure it (worried about the baby choking somehow). Turned to lock the door and the stroller (brake??? not sure it even had one but know I was too naive to use it at any rate) began a slow and quiet slip ... toward the unprotected edge of the 3 foot drop off the porch. As I tried to grab, it went airborn and landed with an awful thud upside down half on the concrete walkway and half over the lower concrete steps ... baby suspended around her middle by strap ... and screaming bloody murder. The baby was fine ... the new mom was a wreck! Now in her mid-40's "the first baby" is the best/most devoted auntie in the world ... but just telling that story gives me a panic attack (and I do not have them!.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Oh yikes! That must have made your heart stop! I'm glad no harm came from it.

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