Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying to decide what to do with these lamps...

Yesterday, these lovely mid-century style lamps arrived at our house. (More great items inherited from my guy's grandma!)


(Sorry for the poor lighting—the only time I could get a moment of childless quiet to take pictures was at 6 in the morning.)


My dilemma is—do I re-paint them? What do you think? I love the shape of them.


I am thinking that this one, if not re-painted, would be perfect in the baby's room.

This one would go great in the living room,


but it doesn't work with the color scheme. However, I could re-work the palette in there to go with the lamp. Or, I could paint over the blues and greens with black or dark brown, bringing the focus to the shape and textures, and it would fit right in.

What do you think?


christy rose said...

I love all of those lamps! they are all so unique!

melaniek said...

Hmmm, depends. Have you been wanting to change the color palette in the living room? If so that's the way I'd go, if not paint the lamp. Love them both, the texture is awesome!

Amanda said...

I think because these are items whose value lies in the fact that they were given to you, and not in the idea of allowing them to become monetarily valuable anitques, you should feel free to paint them. The bones of these lamps are fabulous. I think you can't go wrong with either white, black, or a bold bright gem-tone in a glossy paint. Then see if you can either change out the shades, decorate them with ribbon to match, or just leave them as is.
Whatever you decide to do, post pictures!! :D

mnlop said...

I love them as-is! But maybe with a different lampshade for the angular one? I've become a fan of mixing it up a with colors and shapes ( but I have a chair shaped like a giant hand in my living room, so maybe I'm not the one to ask).

melaniek said...

mnlop- that is so cool!

val said...

I love them! I say just ship them up to me in Washington ;) lol We're remodeling and decorating this Summer so I can easily work with them!

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