Thursday, October 21, 2010

A holiday wreath for all seasons

I saw some grapevine wreaths at the dollar store a while back and knew that a project was imminent. If this post doesn't convince you to brave the crowd that may be a notch below the people of Walmart set, nothing will.

Without further ado, I give you, the wreath.


Before we go there, let's back up a bit. Let's start from the very beginning — a very good place to start... (name that movie).


Here's the supplies I used. (Not pictured is the glue gun.) I bought all of these supplies, minus the gourds (which didn't go actually on the wreaths anyway), at the dollar store for a grand total of $7. Two grapevine wreaths, four decorative fall wreaths, and a big bag of potpourri. I had more than I needed. I got the gourds at the grocery store, for something like $5.


I simply dismantled the smaller fall decor wreaths and glued the leaves and plastic pumpkins, as well as bits of potpourri, to the wreaths following the natural curve of the vines.


It was simple, quick, and when I was finished, I had a pair of lovely fall wreaths that smelled great.



I could have left them just as they were, nice and colorful and scented. However, I wanted to take these wreaths in a different direction. I wanted to make them more contemporary, to match my house a little better.

So, I took a can of spray paint and put a glossy white coat on everything:


I love how the white emphasizes the shapes of the gourds and the wreaths!


Not only that, but the white allows the wreaths to function for more than one holiday, simply by wrapping a ribbon around it, between the rows of potpourri. Check this out.

How cute is this Halloween ribbon!? I found it at Michael's on clearance. This is what my mantle currently looks like:



I decided to try out a Christmas version of the wreath. I particularly like this ribbon, since the white in it, as well as the slanted lines, coordinates with the lines of the wreaths:


You can find the Christmas version that I finally ended up using here - custom holiday decorating on a budget

I didn't stop there. I couldn't stop there. This is way too fun! I ran back to Michael's (thank goodness for those 40% off coupons on every receipt!) and picked up some more ribbon:


I thought that the wreaths and gourds looked like porcelain, which led to this (my daughter's personal favorite version of the wreath):




The possibilities are endless with such a blank canvas!! I can't help but scope out the ribbon aisle whenever I stop at a store that might have some. Oooh, I just had a thought, I bet that bunched up silky fabric would look great wrapped around the wreath, too!

Okay, I've got to stop now. I need to re-claim my life.

And take a shower.

And feed my children lunch.

(And buy some silky fabric!!)


Jessica, Curt, Hunter, Ian and Emily said...

I absolutely love them! They look great in the original form, but the white and ribbons give it that little something extra!

Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE this! Do you mind if I steal your idea for Christmas?? My living room is mostly white and pale blue, so I'm sure this wreath would look killer in it!

Fire Wife Katie said...

Yes, please do steal the idea!! :D I wanna see how yours turns out!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Your crafty-ness AMAZES me!! Why don't you add this to your Etsy store?? People would definitely buy them. Oh... that reminds me. I have to send you that .jpg Oops :)

Katherine said...

What a great idea! I've suddenly become a big fan of making my own wreaths (because they are SO expensive). I may have to incorporate some of your ideas into my new wreath.

Suz said...

Looks awesome!

Mandy said...

You did an awesome job!!! I need to get my butt to the dollar store to see what I can find like that! ;)

Stopping by from SITS! :)

Rachel said...

You are insanely crafty and I am insanely jealous! Amazing!

SprinkleBakes said...

I love this!

megan @ whatmegansmaking said...

Beautiful! You're clearly very talented :)

Jenn Erickson said...

I absolutely love the white! That was so brilliant! I bought some of those wreaths at the Dollar Tree as well. I'm glad I did. I am definitely going to make some of those elegant wreaths!

Mallory said...

Katie, this wreath is awesome! I am not a crafty person at all, but I really want to make this. I love how versatile it is and I really, really love it as a centerpiece on the table!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow! Very creative and very YOU! Good job once again.

Mindy said...

Love the wreaths, very creative and versatile! The movie quote is from the Sound of Music, if I'm not mistaking. :)

mikki roo said...

LOVE them! Might steal your idea, mkay?
From another firewife,

Mommy to ♥Pickle and SugarPlum♥ said...

I absolutely love how you played "dress-up" with your wreaths, and how easily you can change them for each new season or holiday! The table top center piece is my favorite display, although I am partial to the blue ribbon, as well! Well done, Katie!

Renee Ann said...

I'm visiting from the SITS girls site and just had to stop in long enough to say how beautiful that table is! The wreaths in white are striking. Then adding different ribbon makes such a difference. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

Fire Wife Katie said...

You are correct, Mindy! :D Thanks guys, this was really easy to make, and I have some more items in mind to attack with my can of spray paint. :D

Coming soon...

Mandyland said...

I love this idea!! So versatile and easy. I think I'll be hitting up the Dollar Store this week. Thank you, thank you!

(Visiting from SITS.)

Zeemaid said...

I love it. What a great project. I think the wreath would look stellar in gold as well. I especially love the candy stripped ribbon and the blue gauzy ribbon. Gorgeous!

Fire Wife Katie said...

Thanks! Yes, I agree, gold would look beautiful. Or maybe even a bold color like purple or red. :D

~Lisa said...

How cute!!!! I love it! :) It's so pretty and you could just change the ribbon for every season.

Heather (The Menu Mama) said...

Wow, you have an amazing blog, and I love your dollar store decorating, it looks amazing! I want to make that wreath!!!

City Mom said...

My gosh you're talented! I am so impressed.

I am linking to you today in my blog post. It should be up shortly.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Thanks you guys, and City Mom, thanks for the mention!! I don't know how I missed that till today. :/

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