Monday, January 24, 2011

For Dad

When I was little, I knew that "guacamole" was some bizarre word my father concocted to go with the strange green chunky goop he had thrown together. It couldn't possibly be a real word; it was too weird. And it was just the sort of silly name he would come up with for such a creation. I remember how shocked I was to find out guacamole was a universally acknowledged word and a legitimate substance.

Dad likes to throw things together. And, he's gotten pretty good at it. He introduced me to this tomato sandwich a year or so ago.


It's very Dad. And very good. And addictive (assuming you like tomatoes in the first place).

The dill (lots and lots of dill) is the star of this show. I just use the dried kind, along with the freshest vine-laden tomatoes I can find at this time of year.


Speaking of Dad, he put in a request that I include more pictures of my youngest. He's 11 hours away, my father, so he doesn't get to see the day-to-day changes of the grandchildren. Here's a few recent photos for you, Dad. These will illustrate why this 1 1/2 year old doesn't have many recent pictures.

1. It's been foggy. Which means that for this little flurry of energy, he is going to show up on .jpg looking like a little flurry of energy in this indoor lighting.


2. Curiosity killed the camera.


3. To sustain the energy needed to flurry, this kid is eating more than I do. I'm so busy responding to his one word food requests and his plastering of self to my leg that I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I should. A good half of the pictures I have of him are from this same viewpoint, looking down on him next to my knee.


4. His mother may or may not be a wee bit lazy.

5. I'm still waiting for the day we finally break down and buy a new camera. When the new camera is part of my life, it will solve all problems. It will be a magic camera capable of alleviating all woes, including world peace and the impossibility of getting said child to sleep through the night on a regular basis.


6. And finally, it's January. I don't know how that works into all of this, but I'm certain it's at fault somehow.

(Oh - for the record? Dad was shopping at the dollar store decades before I ever set foot in there. I should have paid better attention to his example.)


melaniek said...

Mmmm, I love tomato sandwiches! That looks like an amazing twist on my boring old version. I may have go buy tomatoes today. Yum!

~Lisa said...

Looks good and no worries, little kids are always a blur on camera! :)

Lindsay Neal said...

My kid is doing the same thing. Almost the same age, wildly flying through the house, eating me out of house and home, plastering herself to my leg, and demanding the use of all my electronics. I can sympathize!

FireMom said...

Also a fan of tomato sandwiches (though I don't really like dill). I love summer tomato sammiches the best; I eat them for breakfast. Mmm.

And yes, the youngest at that age rarely gets pictures. Too fast! Too nosy! Too everything!

SherilinR said...

i'm kind of glad that my kid has finally slowed down a bit so that i can get some good pictures of her. it helps that she's not making ridiculous faces all the time now too.
now you've got me wanting guacamole & tomato sandwiches!

Lisa said...

Enjoy it while you can. When my son became a teenager I never saw him unless he was hungry. You think he eats alot now, wait until he is a teenager. Max could eat a whole servingbowl of spahetti with enough for 4 people and still be hungry. That is why I started couponing to save money for food.

Cristina said...

Oh good heavens, I first read this on my phone and the pictures wouldn't load. I'm glad I finally remembered to come back. What a cute funny fast kid!

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

My 1 year old's photos look like that right now as well. That's the thing I hate about digital point & shoots. The old cheap-o cameras with film didn't do those blur shots so it was easier with kids. Sigh...

We eat tomatoes here as well, like they are going out of fashion. I think we go at least twice a week to the store to buy them. And my father is the same way with creating his own dishes. He made guacamole the other day, I had to laugh. Lemons, garlic, avocado and a proud "I made this up all by myself!" comment from him! He was pretty disappointed that I told him "Tato, that's guacamole". "Oh". I made him laugh by saying "We'll call it Polish guacamole, though, because regular guacamole is made with limes". Gotta love fathers!

sim only plans said...

i like that kid smile its cery cute...Also a fan of tomato sandwiches

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