Thursday, January 13, 2011

Losing it (hopefully)

We have family visiting from both sides this month, which means more holiday fun! I like having a little dose of Christmas in January.


*Thanks to my brother for the unofficial sanction to use his pictures. I figure he won't mind. He's technically kind of my employer, since I've been doing part-time computer stuff from home for my brothers' company. He just said I've won the coveted employee of the month award. (It's quite an honor, you know, since there's a grand total of four people in the company. Stiff competition!) Anyway, I figure I can steal pictures from him since he never gave me my certificate. I had to make my own:


Anyway, the official holidays are over, and the unofficial ones are in full swing. I love having something fun to look forward to in January. I love seeing my family. I love the cool muppet they brought for the kids.


I don't love seeing pictures that so unflatteringly display the holiday pounds from the month(s) before.

My plan of action:

*Eat less.

*Move around.

*Be in denial for one more week before I actually do any of the above.

Here's to losing it!


Katherine said...

Denial is always part of my plan!

That muppet is awesome!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Good luck losing it! And I love your certificate. You definitely deserve one :)

LisaDay said...

Congrats on your award. Denial is good. And as it's still Christmas, you might as well eat another cookie or two.


Fire Wife Katie said...

Lol, thanks. :) Cookies, anyone?

Kristy said...

One more week. Give yourself one more week.

Cristina said...

And denial.... is a bad thing?

Colleen said...

Hehe, you look great but I hear you! I also have to figure out a serious plan here for ridding my body of a few unwanted pounds!

Best of luck to all of us who are in the same boat! :)

Happy holidays in January!

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