Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The kids' watercolor set that mysteriously keeps on giving. (It's lasted a year!!)

I have received no compensation for the post I am about to write, other than the amazement at these paints that have lasted A YEAR. Did I mentioned this little set of watercolors has lasted a year? And there's still a good long life in them?


If any of you have children that like to use watercolors, you know how quickly little hands controlling pointy unforgiving plastic brushes can burn through those Crayola or Rose Art sets. Those last maybe a month in our house. The pots of paint absorb the water and the colors turn to goopy liquid in no time flat, which results in the paint ending up everywhere BUT in their color pots by the end of the day.

This larger set by Alex somehow manages to produce a nice sheen of wet paint on top, yet the pigment remains solid underneath. I've run the set under the water and literally rubbed the color pots to clean them off many times. The result of the more solid pigment is that, while it goes on thick, it dries to more of a matte finish than other paints. But the pots keep miraculously producing paint, so I'm willing to overlook that teensy weensy fault.

Did I mention that we got these for Christmas LAST YEAR? Just want to make sure I'm being clear on that point, and mention the fact that we have three children using these. This is what the set looks like now, after a year of use:


Not nearly as pretty as it once was, but still going strong.

The kids love (read: argue over) this set so much, I decided we need at least three so everyone can have their own. I spent twenty minutes on Amazon today, trying to track this item down. That's how worth it these are. I mistakenly searched every entry under "water colors" "watercolor" "watercolors" and "paint" before I China'd it down (you know, assumed that someone from China wrote the description) and found it under "water color". (Yeah, my day's been so exciting!!)

But I found it! If you are planning on giving a present to a child this year, this is a great little option. Oh, and run to Michael's or JoAnn's and get one of these refreshingly natural brush sets too, for just a dollar or so.


These brushes have nice soft natural hair tips instead of that terrible black plastic bristle business that paint sets usually come with. These brushes are super cheap, and worth it.

By the way, I was at JoAnn's the other day and noticed that they carry these exact same brushes — the only difference being the package — for more than the same product they're selling three aisles down. The difference is, the more expensive set is in grown-up section. You know what they say, location, location, location!

Nice try, JoAnn's.
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